Swim Trek 2023

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An Update.…. Several people have expressed strong interest in booking the Lefkada swim during the month of June 2023. 4 people I believe have already committed to the swim trek taking place from the 18th to 25 June 2023. Click on the picture opposite to visit the site page for the Lefkada swim with dates

Please be reassured that the distances mentioned each day are maximum. It’s an extremely well organised company and they will on the first day break the participants into three teams according to your swimming prowess. You can choose to swim not at all or on the day a kilometre or as much as you choose. or the full distance there will always be a support zodiac and you can simply put up your hand and say you’ve had enough! You are always swimming in shallow water except for the last swim which is across a channel between two islands.

In 2016, I swam the Lefkada 12 Ionian Islands . It was fabulous, well organised and highly recommend it.

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  1. Checking to see if this works on iPhone


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