Some of us started swimming when we were very young. However our group is made up of those of us who started young and those of us who came to swimming later in life. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, involving all the joints of the body, moving the upper and lower body and joints and is an excellent way of improving core strength. Our members include beginners to previous members of Aussie Masters. We have top notch coaches and three times a week we have a varied and enjoyable swim sessions encompassing high Intensity training, improving skills style and technique. We have for more than 15 years participated as a team in the multiple sclerosis annual swim 24 hour marathon and more recently many of us have participated in open water swimming competitions around Adelaide Beaches.

Some of us started later in Life

It is truly amazing to think that the feisty woman opposite who swims with waterproof bright red lipstick and a canary yellow cap, three or four years ago could hardly swim a single stroke without becoming breathless, anxious and I’m sure she would agree, mildly frightened. To see her in the water now is a transformation. Confident, competent and swimming regularly 1 to 2 km three times a week including all strokes, even butterfly.

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